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Dr. Phil, NBC and all Media Outlets.. I am about to Pimp My Uterus Out. Can you Help Me?

Posted in Another SMH situation, Hustling at its best/worst, It's Only Entertainment on March 10, 2009 by bbgoodess

Dear Dr. Phil

After careful consideration and analysis of the coverage of the Suleman Octoplets, I have determined that I want to pimp my uterus out to best in-vitro fertilization clinic looking to make history.  When I first heard about Suleman, like many people I was infuriated with her decision to bring 8 children into this world (in addition to the 6 she already has) without means to take care of them. Thus, after seeing the large donations to support her hustle deep thought, I figure we aren’t so different. Actually we have a lot in common. Just like Suleman, I desire to have a family. My childhood left me with a void; a desire to raise my own large tribe family. I smile at the thought of receiving all the cash love and attention from the media each one of those little darlings I bring into this world.

Now I do have traits that might make me more likable to the world. Unlike her, I am employed, in a relationship, do not live with my parents. My boyfriend will be more than a sperm donor and is also willing to tell his story.  If offered,  I am more than willing to accept 24 hour care from any sucker kind person for my little darlings. I am willing to be on public assistance to put my wonderful children through college but with your help I hope that won’t be a choice I would have to make.

I figured 10 kids could be a start.  Before my own common sense used to overpower the thoughts common from my womb but the paint huffing has silenced my silly rational. With your help I can find a clinic who strive to take on the wonderful task of planting the little balls of sunshine in my loving womb.  Also I think I will need assistance in buyingto find a place for all my little sweet chickpeas.  I know those houses in California are overpriced and not a good enviroment for rasing children. I would suggest a home in Watertree, SC. I hear that has nice roomy places there, plenty of fresh air and space for all my future bundles of love.

In turn I will come on your shows, smile, act sane and at moments make totally insane comments sound rational.  I even have some ideas for other shows like, “Pimp Your Womb”, “Design on the Goverment’s Dime”,  and my favorite “Going Tribal: In-Vitro Style.”


Suspect Hustle…

Posted in Another SMH situation, Hustling at its best/worst, Why I am up? on February 12, 2009 by bbgoodess

It’s 4 am and as much as I would love to write why I am up so early I will not… I will say I am pissed about the situation and pray that this doesn’t happen again.

Among my sleep surfing, I ran across an updated story on welfare octoplets:


Sadly it will be up to Californians, who are already dealing with government financial woes, to take care of the 6 kids that Suleman and the octoplets that she recently conceived.

I thought I spent my two cents on Angry Black Bitch’s Blog but every news story about this woman and her kids keeps providing me with more money to put down.

While I have no idea what category this woman’s situation specifically lies, her situation does bring the need to discuss limitations on public assistance, social responsibility for people with mental disorders, ethics in vitro fertilization and public/federal assistance scams.

“Some of the disability money was spent on in vitro fertilizations, which was used for all 14 of her children, Suleman said. She said she also worked double shifts at the mental hospital and saved up for the treatments. She estimated that all her treatments cost $100,000. “

Ok so she saves up her disability money (which she could have used to help her and her mother improve their living situation) and gets knocked up 14 times? Come on.. Can you say benefits hustle… This reminds me of people I knew who used to sell their foodstamps for cash..

Suleman, whose six older children range in age from 2 to 7, said three of them receive disability payments. She told NBC one is autistic, another has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, known as ADHD, and a third experienced a mild speech delay with “tiny characteristics of autism.” She refused to say how much they get in payments.
In California, a low-income family can receive Social Security payments of up to $793 a month for each disabled child. Three children would amount to $2,379.”

Does anyone see a pattern here??? I can’t even fathom the emotional and financial hardships that arise when raising an autistic or a ADHD child but from the stories of others around me its beyond a full time job. Yet she has three children, who receive disability benefits, and she gets pregnant again. Suspect??

F-it.. I am going to outright say it.. This has traits of an old school baby momma hustle. It is the hustle I have seen before. A woman gets pregnant multiple times to receive benefits… I thought most states curb tailed that with welfare time limits but since these children are legally disabled their mother will receive benefits until either the child is no longer in her care (i.e.- moves out on their own.)

The hustle continues into cyberspace..

“Also, a Nadya Suleman Family Web Site has been set up to collect donations for the children. It features pictures of the mother and each octuplet and has instructions for making donations by check or credit card.”