Random Thought: Gotta Love Michael Vincent

I have come to the conclusion that Michael Vincent is a really generous guy because almost everyday (for almost a year now) he sends me an email stating he found me a job.  Even though I am employed, I do appreciate his efforts. I even looked him up in the Internet and it seems that I am not the only one who has been touched by dear dear Micheal. With America’s current economy/job market one can only be fortunate that someone like him is looking out for your best interests but what makes a person take on the task to find some you don’t know a job?

For quite sometime I have come up with some ideas and thoughts about Mr. Vincent.  Is he a multi-millionare tired of spending all that money he got from British/Nigerian/UK lottery and wants to help others? Maybe his time working with President Clinton  trying to get rid of the IRS left him unfulfilled. I decided to email him back to ask but I think his email service is overlaoded with emails  because my emails are promptly returned.  Gee golly I only can imagine all the emails he thanking him for looking out for his fellow man/woman. That is probably why he sends his emails from different email address.

Still I feel compelled to really thank Mr. Viencent for his efforts. Once I resolve my problems with CitI-bank I think I will send Mr. Vincent  a card or some flowers.


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