Dreams to Remember

“I’ve got dreams
Dreams to remember
I’ve got dreams
Dreams to remember”-Otis Redding

When I was younger, this song was one apart of the soulful symphony that could be heard within the walls of my mother’s house. Though this song was about love, infidelity and forgiveness, the chorus funny enough landed in my head after a series of day dreams of ideas that never came to fruition.

 I never really got back into volunteering.

Two years ago I set a goal to do some volunteering work and I have done nothing. My main excuse, I don’t want to be stuck to some desk . Its funny when I look at applications for volunteering websites, they put all my skill sets under “clerical” and really that detoures me from even applying.  I know it sounds selfish but dayum, I do that already.  I don’t desire to do clerical work on my personal time.  I desire to teach; not sit in front of a pile of paperwork and a computer screen. 

 I know most Microsoft Office applications.  When it comes to basic web browsers, I know more than the average user. I still dibble and dabble in most Adobe Products and if given time, I usually can learn the basics of most commonly used Apple and PC products. Printers, faxes, copiers, scanners, if I don’t know it I can learn about it and explain how to use it.  Overall I love technology and would love to show non technical people how they can benefit from it. Heck, if they desire to in front of computer screen all day long, teach them to profit from it.   Shoot I’d love to really be apart of a job training initiative but really I don’t see it happening because the ones I have seen are on a Mon-Fri 9-5 schedule.  Doesn’t anyone want to learn on the weekends for free?? If so I have a dream to tesch anyone who is willing to learn. 

I have dreams, dreams to remember…..


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