Chocolate Kisses

So the boyfriend is going away for the weekend on some family business. This makes me kind of sad because this would have been our first Valentines Day together. At the same time I am glad. I tend to put off a lot of minor things that make my life sane when we are together. For example I used to shred junk mail or bills I already paid immediately after I get in the door. Now I just pile it on my dinning room table. The pile has become it’s own mound that now triggers my OCD when I come in the room yet this week I have been too tired to do anything about it.

Take car to get oil changed. My weight is really getting to me. Sushi sounds good. I wonder if the permanent fixture that is my relatives’ boyfriend will be around this weekend? Gotta fix the stupid counter top that he f-ed up. I wonder if I can counter act the affects of eating onion rings?

Seems being tired has been happening often to me lately. Yet I have too much to do this weekend to let that be an excuse. We are moving next month and there is so much to do before then. It feels too early to pack but since there already several things going on the next couple weeks I have to get started.

Next weekend the boyfriend and I are going north to spend sometime in Hershey, P.A., the land of chocolate. Its utopia (and some say crack-like) to a person like me. Heck, I don’t know where I should start; eat my way through Chocolate World, drool at the Hershey Parade, indulge in a chocolate bath or just have the boyfriend feed me chocolate until my body until he can taste it on my skin. (Just the though of that last one made my body tingle.)


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